Center for Women’s Health and Birth Care has a sophisticated health care team that is here to assist you. Your choices matter and prevention for disease and problems is much preferred over treating already existing ones. So our number one focus is prevention and healthy choices. We want our patients to understand that Life Style matters.


Our Team:

  • Dr. Maxie Sprott II, OBGYN
  • Dr. Marquita Anderson, OBGYN
  • Dr. Shayla Nesbitt, OBGYN
  • Aaron Lee, Laser technician, MA, Injector
  • Kim Wilson, Administrator
  • Brittany, RN Clinical Manager
  • Sara, RN
  • Carly, RN
  • Martha, RN Aesthetic nurse
  • Sandy, LVN
  • Jenna, Office Manager
  • Ethan, Assistant manager
  • Jess, Team Assist
  • Rose, Call Center
  • Melissa, Billing Manager
  • Beulah, Billing Specialist
  • Brentney, Billing Specialist
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