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Why Choose CWHBC?

At CWHBC we provide patients in Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas with the most advanced technologies, surgical treatments and more. Our doctors specialize in helping women of all ages with their Gynecologic and Obstetric needs. CWHBC is your center for OBGYN specialists. From a complete medical center for women to pregnancy and childbirth services, CWHBC is your partner for great health care. Plus, high risk and other issues are never a problem.

We have an outstanding record of providing genuine and compassionate care to our patients, from OB-GYN care, birth control, obstetrics to natural births, family planning, sterilization, menopause, and so much more. Here at CWHBC, you’ll find great doctors but also think of them as your life coaches. Our team wants every aspect of your life to be healthy, happy, and vibrant.



We have chosen to specialize within the medical industry by offering only superior healthcare and experiences of exceptional quality. Our objective is to be recognized as the best Ob/Gyn office in Beaumont or anywhere in the world.

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How we behave

In all interactions with our patients, coworkers and business associates we seek to treat others as we would have them treat us. We have empathy, seeking to understand how others feel and perceive, and recognizing that each person is unique and valuable. We seek ways to create a positive and memorable experience out of every interaction, and surround ourselves with a warm and caring attitude, rich in smiles, kindness and compassion. We have integrity; we are honest in everything we do. Striving for excellence and seeking improvement is our constant pursuit.

How we succeed

We succeed when every decision of every staff member is based on a firm belief in what we do. Our greatest asset is our staff, and a staff that believes our philosophy succeeds by working together cooperatively, respecting each other’s contributions and importance. We practice only the best medicine, educating ourselves and our patients continuously and never cutting corners. We ensure the prosperity and longevity of our company by using our resources wisely and making sound financial decisions.

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